November 11, 2020


PHYMOT  will organise three annual meetings at which the progress of the individual projects as outlined in the workpackages is reported by the students. At these meetings also training is offered in the form of courses both on scientific topics related to active biological microswimmers and on soft-skills.

Apart from that, there will be three workshops, one of which is entirely organised by the ESR’s and, an international conference at the end of the funding period.

Upcoming PHYMOT events

Kick-off meeting September 13-16 2021

Project presentations – student presentations – elections – lectures

From Monday Sept. 13 to Thursday Sept. 16 the PHYMOT Kick-off meeting will take place. At this meeting all 15 PHYMOT projects will be presented by the PI’s and all students will introduce themselves in a short presentation. Moreover, there will be presentations by 2  external members of the supervisory board and the PHYMOT partners will have the opportunity to introduce us to their work.  

The management structure of PHYMOT consists of several different management bodies in which PI’s and ESR’s are represented. Members of these bodies (PI’s and ESR’s) will be elected at the meeting. Information on tasks and duties of the various committees can be found here

Lectures on hydrodynamics (theory, experiment and simulation), biology of microswimmers and on scientific ethics, communication and intellectual property rights complete the program.

Due to COVID regulations the entire meeting will be online in a zoom environment. The last up-to-date program can be downloaded here.